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October 19th  – 22nd 2016

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A never before seen event unlocking insights into Paleo without ever having to leave your house!

9 World Renown Paleo Experts

 Legendary Paleo Experts ranging from medical professionals to bloggers, to podcasters with out of this world insights into the Power of Paleo!

4 Day – Online Event – 100% FREE

October 19th – 22nd.  Access this Revolutionary event from ANYWHERE in the world, all brought to you online!  8 Different – strategy sessions.

Game Changing Information

Improve your health and improve your life with these professional insights from world leading paleo experts.


In this first ever Virtual Paleo Summit you will cover EVERYTHING you want to know to begin your Paleo journey.  Understand the benefits, and get expert insights on how to do Paleo RIGHT!

Virtual Paleo Summit

Learn from the Nutrition expert how to make some of the most delicious and healthy Paleo Smoothies both with basic and advanced techniques for all levels of Paleo enthusiasts.

Virtual Paleo Summit

Discover the keys to Paleo Success through understanding amazing benefits of cooking paleo.

Virtual Paleo Summit

You will learn proven methods to analyze structure from the worlds top experts in Posture, Gait, Neurology, Movement, Biomechanics, and Core Sequencing.

Virtual Paleo Summit

Walk away with actionable strategies to minimizing your waist to weight ration in a one of a kind presentation.

Virtual Paleo Summit

Find out what hidden stumbling blocks are keeping most people from enjoying paleo the right way and without the extra stress.

Virtual Paleo Summit

Hear the Paleo strategies that help you get to a happier and healthier lifestyle from the experts who teach people all over the world.

4 Days, 9 Paleo Experts, 1 Virtual Summit

Discover how to enjoy a happier, healthier life with insights for all levels of paleo enthusiasts, all together in ONE life changing summit.


9 Industry Leading Paleo Experts

The Experts

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Carrie Forrest
MBA/MPH in Nutrition
Dr. Ned Kock
Electronics Engineering (B.E.E.), Computer Science (M.S.), and Management (Ph.D.)
Creator: Media Naturalness theory
Dr. Ernie Garcia
Doctor of Internal Medicine & Sleep Medicine
Kelly Schmidt
Reed Davis
Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Certification

Your Speakers

6 Different Countries

Alfie Mueeth
Health / Fitness / Diet
Dr. Jeffry Gerber
Family Physician and Owner of South Suburban Family Medicine in Littleton, Colorado Therapist 

Global Thought Leaders

8 Different Health Professions

Abel James
New York Times Best Selling Author
Dr. Jack Wolfson

Who Is The Summit For

Are you curious about what this whole “Paleo” thing is?  Never tried it, but have heard a lot of great things about it?  Well it’s never too late, and this summit is the best place to get started with 9 Paleo Experts giving insight into how to get started and implement paleo the right way.

Already gotten started with the paleo lifestyle?  Know it’s amazing, but could use some tips and paleo hacks to make your life easier? This summit is perfect for you.  We have 9 Paleo Experts that will be talking about how to live the paleo lifestyle in easier, and more effective ways.  Get the insights to make being happy and healthy an easy decision.

If you like to learn, hear new strategies and get sneak peaks inside what the leading paleo experts are doing, then this summit is definitely for you.  9 of the industries top experts will lay out their guides to success and happiness with the paleo lifestyle.

Virtual Paleo Summit

  • 4 Days Of Mind Blowing Analysis & Correction Strategies
  • 9 World Renown Paleo Experts
  • 100% COMPLETELY Online Accessible By Anyone from ANYWHERE
  • Revolutionary Strategies To Implement & Live A Paleo Lifestyle
  • Never Even Have To Leave Your House

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Carrie Forrest, MBA/MPH in Nutrition

Carrie Forrest

Carrie Forrest, MBA/MPH,  – is the author of the blog Carrie on Living.

Carrie’s background is in non-profit healthcare fundraising. She holds masters degrees in business administration and public health nutrition.

Carrie’s interest in wellness began over a decade ago to address the debilitating migraines, allergies, hormonal imbalances, and anxiety she was experiencing. After extensive research, she transformed her diet, substituting processed foods with fresh ingredients.

In 2012, despite resolving most of her health issues, Carrie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She underwent surgery and is now living cancer-free.


Paleo Green

  • Learn the basics of making a green smoothie
  • Understand the potential health benefits
  • See which ingredients make smoothies paleo-friendly
  • Learn advanced techniques for picky-eaters
  • Be inspired by superfood ingredient recommendations

What is your ideal weight?

  • Be exposed to the waist-to-weight ratio (WWR) theory.
  • Learn how to estimate their ideal weight based on the WWR theory.
  • Understand the role of fat mass in regulating nutrient intake.
  • Understand why in urban areas slightly overweight individuals tend to live longer.
  • See two practical examples of the WWR theory.

Ned Kock has employed biological evolution ideas to the understanding of human behavior toward technologies, particularly information technologies. He developed media naturalness theory, an evolutionary communication media theory. Dr. Kock is the writer of the popular blog Health Correlator; on the intersection of evolution, statistics, and health. He holds degrees in electronics engineering (B.E.E.), computer science (M.S.), and management (Ph.D.). He is a member of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society and the Association for Information Systems. Ned has edited the Springer book Evolutionary Psychology and Information Systems Research, and guest-edited the Special Issue on Darwinian Perspectives on Electronic Communication published in the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication.


Ned Kock Electronics Engineering (B.E.E.), Computer Science (M.S.), and Management (Ph.D.)


Dr. Ernie Garcia

Ernie Garcia Headshot

For over ten years, I have practiced Internal Medicine and Sleep Medicine in Central Louisiana.  My days are spent caring for patients with chronic illnesses, including high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid diseases, hypercholesterolemia, sleep apnea, etc.  Upon practicing for a short time, I realized that the standard American nutritional advice such as the “heart healthy low fat” diet was not helping patients live longer, more vibrant lives.  Seven years ago I discovered Paleo and what it did for me personally made it easy to recommend to my patients.  A real food, low carbohydrate, high protein diet has become my standard recommendation for any patient that walks in my door.  Along with my wife of 18 years and two children, my goal is to help others be as healthy as possible; and to live a life of faith, health, and adventure.


The Keys to Paleo Success

  • Cooking
  • Understanding
  • Patience
  • Consciousness

Hacking Paleo

  • How to adapt a realistic way of eating paleo
  • How to nurture health goals using real food
  • Understand paleo is more than what we eat
  • Learn some simple go-to meals
  • Learn other avenues to keep motivated

My grocery list is my prescription pad and my kitchen is my pharmacy. At 8 years old, I did not find nutrition, it came to me. In 1990 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and since then I have been living the silver lining of having a chronic autoimmune disease by reaching out to others, helping them on their nutrition path. I believe, from every minute of my training as a Registered Dietitian and diabetes management, real food is the key to health. And indeed so much more.

In 2012 I opened my practice helping hundreds of people with counseling, touring grocery stores, corporate wellness programs, speaking engagements, and interviewing for well-known outlets including: Men’s Fitness,, SELF, Paleo Magazine, Today’s Dietitian and more. In 2015, I published my first book, “What’s the Deal with the Paleo Diet and Primal Eating.” Through self-assessment and being well-versed in ancestral research, I advise holistic nutrition protocols.


Kelly Schmidt, RD, LDN


Reed Davis, CNT

Reed pic

Reed Davis, CNT is Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Certification Course. He has provided functional lab assessments to over 10,000 clients for hormone levels, bone density, adrenal function, digestive, immune system and detoxification related health problems. His whole-health system of investigation and natural protocols are known the world over and have helped thousands of people to regain their normal health. 

Reed served as Health Director and Case Manager at The Better Health & Wellness Center in Poway, California for over 10 years and now teaches a course in functional lab work and holistic lifestyle coaching with over 2500 trainees or grads in 50 countries. He is also a Clinical Advisor at BioHealth Laboratory where he helps clinicians interpret lab test results and develop natural protocols to restore function instead of just treating the symptoms. Reed lives in Southern California teaching the FDN Certification Course and helping FDN Course graduates build robust practices.

How Paleo Makes You Happier and Healthier

  • What determines individual nutritional requirements
  • What dictates individual responses to food and nutrients
  • Why foods/nutrients behave differently in different individuals
  • How to determine one man’s food from another man’s poison
  • What technology there is to help us get the diet right

Primary Drivers of Heart Disease

  • Review the statistically noisy traditional CV risk assessment tools
  • Review the pathology of diabetes as a vascular disease
  • Review modern methods of accessing CV risk including CV imaging and the insulin assay

Dr. Jeffry N. Gerber, MD, FAAFP is a board certified family physician and owner of South Suburban Family Medicine in Littleton, Colorado, where he is known as “Denver’s Diet Doctor”. He has been providing personalized healthcare to the local community since 1993 and continues that tradition with an emphasis on longevity, wellness and prevention.


Dr. Jeffry Gerber

Jeffry Gerber MD 02 1×1 LCC 2016

Alfie Mueeth, Paleo Extraordinaire

04a63fc Alfie Mueeth head Shot

Alfie from has been helping readers lose weight without starvation, mood swings or counting calories.

Alfie grew up in South East Asia and is now focusing on making East Asian food such as Indian and Thai food Paleo friendly for all to enjoy.

Join him and learn from his mistakes so that you don’t have to and get access to the free recipes, community and advice


9 Things I wish I knew before going Paleo

  • The Story Of Joe & Why I Went Paleo
  • 9 Things I wish I knew before going Paleo
  • 9 Challenges I faced on a Paleo Lifestyle
  • Setting yourself up for success by making it “Paleo

How to Burn Fat & Drop up to 20 Pounds in 40 Days

  • Abel’s #1 tip to nutrition and eating well
  • How to feed your brain
  • 3 fat-burning workouts for men and women
  • How to get started right now

Abel James is a New York Times bestselling author and modern-day Renaissance man. He stars as a celebrity coach on ABC television and has been featured in People Magazine, WIRED, Entertainment Tonight, and NPR. As host of the #1 podcast in 8+ countries, Fat-Burning Man, Abel has helped millions reclaim their health and perform at their best with cutting-edge science, outdoor workouts, and outrageously good food.

Abel has keynoted for the Federal Government, lectured at Ivy League universities, and advised Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Danaher, and Lockheed Martin. He was named as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness by Greatist in 2015 and 2016.

Distinguished as a Senior Fellow with Honors at Dartmouth College, Abel created his own curriculum to specialize in brain science, music, and technology. He later published his research in The Musical Brain, which became a #1 Amazon bestseller.


Abel James


Dr. Jack Wolfson DO


Jack Wolfson D.O., F.A.C.C., is a board certified cardiologist who uses nutrition and supplements to prevent and treat disease.

After ten years performing angiograms, pacemakers, and other cardiac procedures, Dr. Wolfson started Wolfson Integrative Cardiology in 2012 to offer patients the ultimate in holistic heart care.

Raised in Chicago, he attended Midwestern University for his D.O. degree and completed a 3 year Internal Medicine residency and 3 year cardiology fellowship. He was selected as the chief fellow of his class.

Together with his wife, Dr. Heather Wolfson DC, they are The Drs. Wolfson. Their website is an excellent resource for holistic health and lifestyle information. The Drs. Wolfson have two beautiful boys who were born at home, nursed for over 3 years, and they are still co-sleeping.

Amazon Best Seller, The Paleo Cardiologist is the first book by Dr. Wolfson.

Paleo Is Heart Healthy

  • It’s The Sugar, Not the Sat Fat
  • Cholesterol Is King
  • LDLs and HDLs: The Good and The Bad?
  • Paleo Improves Lipids
  • Paleo Improves Blood Sugar
  • Paleo Improves Inflammation

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You don’t have to make any phone calls, download any software, or travel anywhere to experience this Virtual Paleo Summit.  No dealing with booking a hotel, getting up early, or marching to the beat of someone else’s drum.  This summit is on your time, from the comfort of your home or office, straight to your computer through the internet.

When does the summit go live?

On October 19th the Virtual Paleo Summit will go Live and be available until midnight on the 22nd.  You will have 4 full days to watch all of the World Renown Speakers Virtual Trainings.  At the end of the 4th day the Summit will come to a close.  (You can maintain LifeTime Access to all Virtual Trainings with PRO or ELITE Registration)

How Does It Work

Just click the link to register.  You will get an email with a link to create a username and password, and then on the 19th, just log in and enjoy the summit.

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The Virtual Paleo Summit is made possible by Virtual, which is an organization dedicated to organizing Expert World Leaders to deliver quality, implementable information to those looking to grow and expand their knowledge, without having the expenses and hassle of traveling across the globe to gain access to the education. At Virtual we are revolutionizing the education process.  Our Motto is “Learn Different”!   We take education and learning, and we bring it from outside the box.  We want to help individuals Connect*Learn*Grow with top level thought leaders, in an inexpensive, easy, and comfortable opportunity. Virtual provides learning opportunities on all topics, from industry leading experts world wide.  Discover more opportunities to Connect*Learn*Grow at

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